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to: VILANI; from: LILS

For: Vilani
From: Lils
Prompt: Death Note: Mello/Matt, videogames or fighting or kittens (any of the three really)

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to: OWL; from: STEPH

For: Owl
From: Steph
Prompt: SCRUBS + TURK/JD + you'll always be my vanilla bear...

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to: MISSA; from: REI

For: Missa
From: Rei
Prompt: Hetalia: Spain/Romano, a first kiss. >.>; Hetalia: America/Taiwan (pairing not required but preferred?), America failing with his newly bought Chinese dictionary.

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But wait, there's more!

Britt was so kind to do a few extra prompts! :]

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to: LYAN; from: DAVYN

For: Lyan
From: Davyn
Prompt: Weiss Kreuz: Aya\Ken are left alone to handle the million fangirls in their flower shop.

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to: LILS; from: JESSIE

For: Lils
From: Jessie
Prompt: One Piece + Boa/Luffy (unrequited/one sided) + date

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to: JACKIE; from: RIKKU

For: Jackie
From: Rikku
Prompt: Phoenix Wright: Pearly and Maya or Mia just being adorable :)

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to: MAGS; from: TYR

For: Mags
From: Tyr
Prompt: Any Nico Robin pairing, actually. Open to MM or crossover pairings, too.

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to: HEATHER; from: DAZHA

For: Heather
From: Dazha
Prompt: Tsubasa – Kamui and Subaru + Cats. + Bonus if you can fit in Karen in there for teasing purposes.;
Okami – Ammy and Issun + Fishing.;
Keroro Gunso – Dororo and Keroro + Invisibility


to: KAI; from: KESSHO

For: Kai
From: Kessho
Prompt: CLAMPtastic - something about educating Chii and Nataku about ~*luuuuurve*~ and how humans go about it?

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